General information

The business center "Sozidanie" opened its doors to clients in 2010. The architectural complex with a large area is designed taking into account the needs of modern business. The design and interior of each office has the productive work of your employees. We offer to the clients exactly what they are looking for – the co-working, the premises for international and non-profit organizations.

We know that the key to successful business is the efficiency in decision-making and the ability to quickly implement the plan. Therefore, we provided you with a convenient transportation. The international airport, all business points of the capital are in immediate access from our complex. The internal infrastructure of the business center "Sozidanie" contains everything you need for fruitful activity. There is parking, a car wash, cafes, restaurants and a fitness room with a swimming pool.

You need a reliable platform for your business - contact us! We will provide you with a stable workflow, a comfortable environment and complete security. You can be assured of the future and of our long-term cooperation!

The director's word

Dear colleagues!

We are building a successful future not only for our business, but for the economy as a whole! The business Center "Sozidanie" is a full-fledged platform for entrepreneurship, investment and start-ups.

The prosperity is achieved through the personal aspiration and perseverance. However, the stability and the safety of your company's work processes play an important role. We create for your comfort and favorable conditions for development.

Our business complex is a single mechanism that functions without failures and stops. The developed infrastructure will provide you with everything you need: the spacious offices, the access roads, the parking, the food and the leisure.

We control every detail of our business environment. The advanced building management technologies, a modern security system, qualified employees - we know in what environment you want to work.

I invite you to fruitful cooperation. The business center "Sozidanie" is always happy to meet new customers! We are ready to offer impeccable service and any help! Build with us.

Sincerely yours, Jovid Saidmuradov.

The infrastructure complex of the business center "Sozidanie" provides everything necessary for work, the business meetings and the relaxation after a busy day. The uniqueness of the complex is the developed infrastructure in the heart of sunny Dushanbe! We are open for partnership and cooperation!

Administration of BC "SOZIDANIE"