«SOZIDANIE» - Technical characteristics

Technical characteristics

The business Center "Sozidanie" belongs to category "A" according to the international classification of office centers. This is the most prestigious level assigned to office buildings based on compliance with certain characteristics.

The facade. The high-tech materials were used at the construction of a business complex, the design has the necessary level of seismic stability. The glazing of the building is made of soundproof low emission glasses with a special coating, which ensures a high level of energy saving.

The lift system. The building has 10 high-speed passenger and service elevators with heavy lifting capacity. The manufacturer of the equipment is KONE (Finland).

The air conditioning system. The task of preserving the microclimate in the rooms is performed by the conditioning system "YORK" (USA). The supply and exhaust ventilation system with recirculation provides air exchange in accordance with established norms. The smoke ventilation is provided by Systemair (Sweden).

The water supply. The heating and the water supply of the complex is carried out on its own boiler house, where the pumps "GRUNDFOS" (Germany) are installed. The regular supply of cold and hot water is provided by strict control over the operation of the system. Two water sources are provided in the business center for uninterrupted water supply: the central city network and own wells, where the ECS pumps 8-40-90 (Russia) are installed.

The power supply. The building is provided with electric power by two external power sources with a capacity of 6 kW. The ensures uninterrupted supply of electricity in the complex generator SDMO with a capacity of 1750 kW, which starts immediately if there are interruptions in the central power supply system.

The fire safety. The business complex "Sozidanie" is equipped with an automatic fire sprinkler system manufactured by the company "Tyko" (Germany). Such systems are installed in the world's largest business centers and guarantee continuous monitoring and control of the situation.

The main technical equipment of the business center is given below:

The infrastructure complex of the business center "Sozidanie" provides everything necessary for work, the business meetings and the relaxation after a busy day. The uniqueness of the complex is the developed infrastructure in the heart of sunny Dushanbe! We are open for partnership and cooperation!

Administration of BC "SOZIDANIE"