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General information

The business Center "Sozidanie" is a prestigious business complex with a high status. Its infrastructure, type of facilities and services are fully in line with the "A" class, which is the highest step in the international classification of business centers.

The business complex is located in the heart of Dushanbe. There is a convenient transport interchange, access roads, direct communication with the international airport. The favorable location of the business center "Sozidanie" accompanies successful business activities. The large commercial organizations and administrative departments are in immediate access from the office building. There are the shopping centers, the bank branches and the hotels nearby.

The administration of the business center is carried out by qualified employees who responsibly fulfill their responsibilities to provide a comfortable working environment for all the customers of Sozidanie.

The infrastructure of the complex includes not only office premises, but also food enterprises, banking and trade institutions, leisure centers, a fitness room and a swimming pool. The carefully designed building has a high level of fire safety, a modern security system, well-established telecommunications systems and automated management of all elements of the complex.

The business Center "Sozidanie" is an elite platform for business projects at different stages of development. The established companies with a name and young entrepreneurs will find suitable offices for their needs. The following types of premises are offered:

The renting an office in BC "Sozidanie" is an indicator of the success and reliability of your business in the eyes of partners and clients.

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Комплексом инфраструктуры бизнес-центра «Созидание» предусмотрено всё необходимое для работы, деловых встреч и релаксации после напряженного дня. Уникальностью комплекса является развитая инфраструктура в сердце солнечного Душанбе! Мы открыты для партнёрства и сотрудничества!

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