«SOZIDANIE» - Co-working


The first and only co-working center in Tajikistan operates under the independent brand Puzzle on the basis of the business complex "Sozidanie". "Puzzle" is a flexible business space that is equipped with everything necessary for productive work. The coworking is an open community for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, freelancers and start-ups. Becoming a participant in this business site, you get the opportunity to exchange experiences and ideas with colleagues, to find new non-trivial solutions to the tasks. You can rent a workplace or a meeting room for any period: day, week, month, year. We can guarantee you a stable rental price. Moreover, with long-term cooperation there is a discount system, which means that you will be able to calmly concentrate on the realization of the planned projects without worrying about tomorrow. The co-working is the best place to implement the most courageous and creative plans, professional growth and the formation of entrepreneurs. This business model has long established itself throughout the world, now you can also take the opportunity to discover new horizons in business.

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The infrastructure complex of the business center "Sozidanie" provides everything necessary for work, the business meetings and the relaxation after a busy day. The uniqueness of the complex is the developed infrastructure in the heart of sunny Dushanbe! We are open for partnership and cooperation!

Administration of BC "SOZIDANIE"